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  1. Paul Revere

From the recording A Busman's Holiday

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Written by: James Funk & Lyle Workman
Recorded & mixed by Jim

Jim: All Singing; Acoustic, Rhythm Electric & Bass Guitars; Keys; Drum Program

Lyle: Fancy guitar lick at start & finish; Choral sitar; Scandinavian autoharp


Verse 1: Do you believe what you see on the news at night? Do you believe what the papers say?

No I, I don’t believe what I can’t see with my own eyes, it worries me that it’s gotten that far away from me.

Verse 2: Some people at work said they’d heard on the radio, the war had been won at the slightest cost, strange, but I’d heard from a friend with a different source, that hundreds of thousands of lives were lost.

No I, I don’t believe the press is free, the things they omit are troubling, ‘cause the thing with democracies, is freedoms are lost gradually.

Chorus: Paul Revere must be rollin’ over, rollin’ over in his grave, two-hundred years the new world is older, but wisdom hasn’t come with age.

Bridge: So the press is free, well it seems to me you get what you pay for, till finally, they won’t be telling you, they won’t be telling me.

Chorus: Paul Revere must be rollin’ over, rollin’ over, in his grave. He spins so much he’d make a drunk man sober, rollin’ over, in his grave.