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The Beatles Appreciation Society

Herein are found some Beatle sound-alike (one hopes) recordings that Drew Harrison, Tom Fleming and I were commissioned to provide some years back to a gentleman who hoped to market them in the then Beatle-free iTunes world, as well as to commercials and other licensing type endeavors, and also as karaoke backdrops (with lead vocals omitted in such cases, obviously, and sadly). On iTunes and Amazon and Rhapsody, et al, the project was/is called, The Beatles Appreciation Society, and as we are anonymous and not credited there, I'm here taking us above ground. That's us. Let the accolades commence apace.

Along the way, the Fabs have lifted their iTunes ban, and I've no idea what became of any of the recordings, if any were sold or if we're owed huge amounts of royalties (probably). We are, perhaps, wildly famous at this very moment in Myanmar or Manila.

Anyway, we recorded a mess of songs at Tom's studio where he has amassed much of the correctly authentic gear for just such an endeavor, and I've posted some of the better ones here. They got better and more authentically correct as we went along, and as several came out quite well, I figured they might as well be heard. It was (and is) great to sing with Drew - a Lennon specialist who brought the project to Tom & me, and the first person I've ever sung with who can sound more like a Beatle than I can - and to see and hear Tom reproduce so well all those sounds and parts with all that gear he's acquired over the years. Great that he got paid to scratch that itch (probably wanted some calamine lotion along the way, though).

At the beginning, we did not record the instrumentation for the tracks, just the singing
(none of those are included here, yet, anyway, as they're a bit dodgy), but then eventually we took over almost everything, mixes and all. We meaning, mostly Tom. Other than my playing Tom's right-handed Hofner violin bass upside-down on From Me To You, She Loves You and Can't Buy Me Love, and being all by myself with the guitar and voice on Blackbird, Tom played everything else that wasn't a drum or keyboard (Ringo-master Donn Spindt played the former and the late John Seppala played the latter, where they appear), and did all the engineering, AND sang all of the Harrison vocals.

Tom can be seen these days, of course, with Jim in The Dawdlers, while Drew Harrison regularly performs his Lennon magic solo or with one of his S.F. based bands: The Sun Kings (a Beatles tribute band, of which I was once a member
): www.thesunkings.com ; Two of Us (Lennon & McCartney tribute duo of which I am still a member): https://www.facebook.com/2ofUsTribute/, or the solo career Lennon tribute group, The Plastic Fauxno Band: www.facebook.com/ThePlasticFauxnoBand