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Where's the Gig

To any musician, agent, venue, teacher, or anyone else that regularly books shows, events, gigs, music lessons, etc., I want to recommend a service I've been using for that for awhile now and which Drew Harrison discovered and started using with The Sun Kings while I was with them (thanks Drew), that being Where's The Gig (Facebook, Website). It's a great service which I now use to keep track of all my gigs, whether solo, The Dawdlers, Two of Us, one-off/pickup bands, whatever. It's donation based, so theoretically "free" (I and The Dawdlers both donate, wanting the service to stick around) and very easy to use, with syncable calendars now (at my request, thanks Ethan), & multi-accounts consolidated calendar viewing (for those like me with more than one vehicle). It's really good. Highest recommendation. JF


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