This website's host (click on image, if you sign up with BZ, I will get a fee).

This website's host (click on image, if you sign up with BZ, I will get a fee).

Where's the Gig

To any musician, agent, venue, teacher, or anyone else that regularly books shows, events, gigs, music lessons, etc., I want to recommend a service I've been using for that for awhile now and which Drew Harrison discovered and started using with The Sun Kings while I was with them (thanks Drew), that being Where's The Gig (Facebook, Website). It's a great service which I now use to keep track of all my gigs, whether solo, The Dawdlers, Two of Us, one-off/pickup bands, whatever. It's donation based, so theoretically "free" (I and The Dawdlers both donate, wanting the service to stick around) and very easy to use, with syncable calendars now (at my request, thanks Ethan), & multi-accounts consolidated calendar viewing (for those like me with more than one vehicle). It's really good. Highest recommendation. JF


Dynamite Amps

To my local musician friends and associates,
I wanted to recommend a service, that of
Dynamite Amps owned and run by Travis Tanovitz...

...which is in the hard to find business of recovering amps and cabinets. After looking all over the SF area, and calling around to probably 20 luthiers and music and guitar shops, I had about given up when I happened upon the listing for this business.

I had the old ragged tolex, grill cloth, corners and handle of my 4 x 10 GK bass cabinet
(Dan DeShara's original cab during The Buzztones' halcyon days) recovered in black road carpet,
and the before and after pics are shown below.

Before          After

The price was fair, he turned it around in a week, got it back to me exactly when promised,
updated me a few times on the progress along the way without my having to call him (unheard of),
and sent me complete before and after photos (18 all together).

Travis is an upright guy, does good work, and would appear to have the market cornered for amp recovering, as I could find no one else to do it, so, if you need it, I recommend the service.
Cheers, Jim