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Briefly About Jim

Not to be confused with the far more affluent C&W songwriter of the same name, Jim is a singer and songwriter of the melodic British pop school invented by The Beatles and extended by tuneful Brits and Commonwealthers of the following generation like Squeeze (Glenn Tilbrook), Crowded House/Split Enz (Neil Finn), Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, The Police/Sting, Oasis and more recently by groups like Keane and Coldplay, Jim adds an American voice to the mix of what he feels has by now become its own form of traditional music.

About himself, Jim had this to say, "Sing pretty well, think not quite as well, but have nice grammar which often conceals my general befuddlement."

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Late '17 News 


* The Dawdlers are playing Silo's in Napa for the first time on Thursday, 12/28, and are really looking forward to bringing the holiday cheer to Napa (Tom'll have it in his trunk)! We want to make a splash with this one, so PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO, and if you haven't seen us in awhile, or ever, or indoors (we look even younger indoors), please come to this one, and ask your friends, neighbors, city council, bowling league, and knitting circle to come as well, as we'd like to get invited back, and consolidate Napa as another Near North Bay stronghold for the band (Eric Wood will be with us on the "skins" again that night - see below - and again there within 48 hours with Forejour!).   We hope to see a mess of you there!   P.S. We'll also be doing a brief RADIO SPOT promotion of the gig on Napa's KVYN next Friday, 12/22, at around 8:30 AM (a GREAT time to sing!), and the live feed that day can be heard HERE:   Read more

May Plays 

* A big week-end for me with local guitar heroes, I'll be down at Lucca tomorrow night, May 12th, playing a trio with Benicians Stef Burns & Jeff Campitelli (it's a one-off assembly and a great chance to see Stef play for free while he's briefly in town), then on Saturday back at the Clubhouse in Martinez at 6:30 PM doing the now occasional duo gig with Jeff Tamelier.

* The Dawdlers play at Wente on 5/28.
Should be a great setting, day and event.

  Hope to see you stageside, Seamus

New Song, Add'l April gigs 


New Song: Open Door 

I recently guested on a great new song & recording by Dawdler Tom, called Open Door (which will automatically play on our website), doing some sangin'.
Thanks for listening, and if you like it please FB Like it, and share it far & wide.

Cheers, Dawdler Jim


* We launch our 2017 World Tour of Benicia at Kinder's on Thursday, 4/27, 6 PM.


* Performing April 20th, Lincoln, Sun City


* I'll be joining Don Bassey & Friends (as one of the Friends,

April, Come She Will 

I'm very happy to report that Drew and I will hitch up the Lennon & McCartney wagon again at least a couple of times this season, with our first public show happening next month, on April 20th, up in Lincoln, at Sun City (almost sold out already I'm both glad and sorry to say). To that end, you can read find out about that show and any other 2OU news at our NEW Facebook Page for the duo! (Found here:

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Hangin' up the Moptop 

After 4 years as “The Paul Guy” in The Sun Kings, I can finally stop growing out my bangs (they were almost there, too) having played my final gig as a regular member of the band at Club Fox on New Year's Eve (I'll nominally remain on the roster as a substitute member for occasional emergencies, and have called dibs on center field and batting 3rd once the SKs softball team finally gets off the ground – there are enough guys between active members and alumni to cover every position now). All is well and

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