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 A Personal Statement About The Times (click image above)

A Personal Statement About The Times (click image above)


...and thanks for visiting (and listening, if you should). If you like what you hear then send lawyers, guns & money, share the site and my Facebook Page with likely suspects, and sign up for my mailing list (used for news of new recordings as I finish them, and of upcoming shows, and whatever else of potential interest might come up).

I hope you enjoy the songs. I did.


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Briefly About Jim

Not to be confused with the far more affluent C&W songwriter of the same name, Jim is a singer and songwriter of the melodic British pop school ushered in by The Beatles and extended by tuneful Brits and Commonwealthers of the following generations like Squeeze (Glenn Tilbrook), Crowded House/Split Enz (Neil Finn), Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, The Police/Sting, Oasis and more recently by groups like Keane and Coldplay, and adds an American voice to the mix of what he feels has by now become its own form of traditional music.

About himself, Jim had this to say, "Sing pretty well, think not quite as well, but have nice grammar which often conceals my general befuddlement."