Here are some links to websites of various confederates and fellow travelers. JF

Musicians, Singers, Bands...

Tom Fleming: My longtime friend and associate (mentioned often elsewhere on this site), he put out an album and continues to work with Tim Hixon under the moniker, The Chiselers (I play bass on Not On Your Life).

Drew Harrison: The most authentic John Lennon vocal I've ever sung with (and it's not mimicry, he just sounds like him), Drew has a big voice, and is the John voice with me in Two of Us, and in The Beatles Appreciation Society, and his own working groups which play Beatles and Lennon songs respectively, The Sun Kings and The Plastic Fauxno Band. This link, though, is to the site featuring his own music.
Jim Raines: Another old friend and associate, we played covers together for several years before he got a Ph.D and a proper job. He's recording some nice music of his own these days.



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