April, Come She Will


I'm very happy to report that Drew and I will hitch up the Lennon & McCartney wagon again at least a couple of times this season, with our first public show happening next month, on April 20th, up in Lincoln, at Sun City (almost sold out already I'm both glad and sorry to say). To that end, you can read find out about that show and any other 2OU news at our NEW Facebook Page for the duo! (Found here: facebook.com/2ofUsTribute)

Go give us a Like or 10, tell your friends,
  help us get the Page's ship out of port.

* I recently (and enjoyably) played my first farmer's market down in Palo Alto (an amusing moment here:  https://www.facebook.com/JamesFunkMusic/videos/1859230984352634/ 


and will do another in Sunnyvale this Saturday morning the 25th of March, at 9 AM, Murphy Avenue at Washingtonhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1926022594310533/?ref=3&action_history=null

I'll also be at the Orinda FM on Saturday, 4/15, same time.

* The Dawdlers launch their 2017 World Tour of Benicia at the end of April, and word has it the cops are very concerned about OVER enthusiasm (in light of various new songs, and the daring new haircuts, and all).

Hope to see you stageside, Seamus


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