Late '17 News


* The Dawdlers are playing Silo's in Napa for the first time on Thursday, 12/28, and are really looking forward to bringing the holiday cheer to Napa (Tom'll have it in his trunk)! We want to make a splash with this one, so PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO, and if you haven't seen us in awhile, or ever, or indoors (we look even younger indoors), please come to this one, and ask your friends, neighbors, city council, bowling league, and knitting circle to come as well, as we'd like to get invited back, and consolidate Napa as another Near North Bay stronghold for the band (Eric Wood will be with us on the "skins" again that night - see below - and again there within 48 hours with Forejour!).
We hope to see a mess of you there!
P.S. We'll also be doing a brief RADIO SPOT promotion of the gig on Napa's KVYN next Friday, 12/22, at around 8:30 AM (a GREAT time to sing!), and the live feed that day can be heard HERE:
* After a couple of years of helping the band besiege his hometown of Benicia, drummaster Jeff Campitelli can Dawdle no further due to time and travel constraints (the band is hoping to play more, and over a wider area in ‘18, and Jeff has all the gigs he could want or handle right in his backyard these days – being pretty much Benicia’s official drummer at this point – besides having a busy music teaching schedule with private lessons and his work with the VOENA choir and some local schools’ music dept’s, not to mention parental duties).

Tom, Vlad & Jim thank JC greatly for joining them during the last two campaigns, and for raising the bar on the entertainment factor with his happy stage demeanor (made us all look more cheerful, and we’re all going in for smile transplants before next season starts), not to mention his high skill as a drummer. It was good to cross his musical path again, many years since that last happened. Big thanks, too, to Jeff & family for all those PONY KEG post-gig parties at his house - he’s still cleaning up from the last one! (Dawdler Jim will still get in on those occasionally as he & Jeff will continue to share a stage at Near North Bay Bassey & Friends type gigs, and likewise if the BCF law firm should again take the stage in future on Stef B.'s passes through town.)

Thanks and sincere well-wishes to Jeff and la famiglia Campitelli!

* Jim continues to sing at numerous farmers' markets over many hill and dale (see the calendar page if you'd like to combine your next carton of strawberries purchase with Jim's crooning), even in the growing chill of the season.
* AND, Jim started teaching music lessons in the fall of '16, so if you or anyone you know would like/could use some singing, guitar (bass, too), or general music instruction, please contact Jim at:
* And, Bassey & Friends again (and also) takes the Silo's stage next Thursday night, 12/21.

Hope to see you stageside, and Happy Holidays!


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