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It Was 50 Years Ago Today...1963

Dear Friends-

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping calm.  We're ready to get back and do some playing! 
But before we go any further...
We're delighted to welcome to The Sun Kings our new bassist and voice of Paul McCartney - Jim Funk!  Jim and Drew met while working on a Beatles studio project and it was magic from note #1.  They then formed an acoustic Beatles group, Three Of Us, with a mutual friend.  Jim comes to The Sun Kings with a long history of singing "Paul", and is simply one of the best Macca vocal interpreters you will ever hear.  Give a listen!
Jim is also an accomplished original singer/songwriter.  Read more about him at or
...and he's left-handed (for you purists out there).
It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since The Beatles' debut album Please Please Me (3/22/63) was released in Britain. (The debut US release would come in January of 1964 on Veejay records under the name Introducing The Beatles.)
The album was meant to capture the essence of The Beatles' live performance in studio, and capitalize on their huge first single of the same name.  Please Please Me includes many of the lads' well known original songs as well as several cover versions of songs they played at The Cavern and in Hamburg.
It was raw, spirited and joyful.
Listening to those songs, they still resonate as powerfully now as they did then.  This year, aside from playing the hits and album cuts The Sun Kings normally do, we intend to celebrate and focus on the 50th Anniversary of the songs released by the lads in 1963.
With that in mind, we will inaugurate our 2013 performance season playing the Please Please Me album in its entirety, at the Spreckels Performing Arts Center in Rohnert Park on March 23rd.  
Hope to see you there and throughout the year!

Upcoming Sun Kings Shows 

Three Of Us - Drew Harrison, Jim Funk, & Tom Fleming perform a John, Paul and George unplugged concert at Antioch's renowned theater.

4/20:      El Campanil Theatre, Antioch, CA

Peace & Love-

The Sun Kings

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