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New Song, Add'l April gigs 


New Song: Open Door 

I recently guested on a great new song & recording by Dawdler Tom, called Open Door (which will automatically play on our website), doing some sangin'.
Thanks for listening, and if you like it please FB Like it, and share it far & wide.

Cheers, Dawdler Jim


* We launch our 2017 World Tour of Benicia at Kinder's on Thursday, 4/27, 6 PM.


* Performing April 20th, Lincoln, Sun City


* I'll be joining Don Bassey & Friends (as one of the Friends,

Song used by Alchemy Radio 

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I have recently had the happy honor of one of my recordings being used by my favorite of all the bright lights in the alternative media world, Irishman & musician/DJ John Gibbons, for his show Alchemy Radio. The recording is my most recent, of the song, “It's a Bit (Over)”, and it appears in its entirety at the end of Mr. Gibbons most recent interview of Australian Max Igan (click HERE for interview). 

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New Recording: It's a Bit (Over)  

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, my latest recording It's a Bit (Over), credits here, made decidedly Celtic, or maybe undecidedly Bluegrass by my esteemed Dawdlers colleagues and longtime friends, Tom Fleming and Vlad Malinovsky (same tandem from The Best That You Can Do). Tom pretty much ran the table with an embarrassment of riches display of musical prowess, playing around 50 instruments one night in about 10 minutes, and again making me sound like I know what I'm doing. Vlad dug out the violin he…

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