New Recording: It's a Bit (Over) 

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, my latest recording It's a Bit (Over), credits here, made decidedly Celtic, or maybe undecidedly Bluegrass by my esteemed Dawdlers colleagues and longtime friends, Tom Fleming and Vlad Malinovsky (same tandem from The Best That You Can Do). Tom pretty much ran the table with an embarrassment of riches display of musical prowess, playing around 50 instruments one night in about 10 minutes, and again making me sound like I know what I'm doing. Vlad dug out the violin he played as a lad, long ago abandoned for keyboards, to complete the Bleltic backdrop of banjo and mandolin that Tom played, and helping me realize a tune & sound I've had in my head for awhile. Great to hear it done. Big thanks to those boys. Hope you all like hearing it as much as we did making it. Cheers, Jim 


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