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I have recently had the happy honor of one of my recordings being used by my favorite of all the bright lights in the alternative media world, Irishman & musician/DJ John Gibbons, for his show Alchemy Radio. The recording is my most recent, of the song, “It's a Bit (Over)”, and it appears in its entirety at the end of Mr. Gibbons most recent interview of Australian Max Igan (click HERE for interview). 

As is commonplace on Alchemy podcasts, a thoughtful, good-natured, and open-minded conversation took place about the state of things in the world, and demonstrating, as AR always does, how varied might be the subjects covered, and the reactions to and interpretations of the many events that are constantly unfolding around us (and framed and spoon fed to us for consumption by an entirely corrupted corporate media), and how a positive and enlightened slant might just as well be maintained in the face of such events as would be a pessimistic and/or adversarial one.

AR (along with James Corbett, Bonnie Faulkner, Kevin Barrett, James Tracy and a few others) always reminds me just how very narrow, scripted and deceptive are the major news outlets offerings, outlooks, and conclusions, whether Fox, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, the BBC, et al, and how fake they now all appear to me, how in the service of Bread & Circuses they all, along with the events they cover, appear to be (witness the Hillary vs. Trump embarrassment of an endless media enhanced spectacle), and how clearly intended to foster and maintain unnecessary and unwarranted discord between people they are, and working together to achieve that objective, in all probability.

I highly recommend never watching Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity again, and Alchemy's a great place to hear a very different, very positive, and far more honest perspective, should you be in the market for one. It's a nice rabbit hole to go down.

Thanks greatly for the inclusion, John. Nice company to be in.



  • Ian Leonard

    Ian Leonard San Jose, CA

    "So, the press is free / Well, it seems to me / That you get what you pay for..." - Jim Funk (as ROUGHLY remembered by me, I think)

    "So, the press is free /
    Well, it seems to me /
    That you get what you pay for..."
    - Jim Funk (as ROUGHLY remembered by me, I think)

  • Drew Harrison

    Drew Harrison Alameda

    Very good on you, Seamus!

    Very good on you, Seamus!

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